Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scrappy Stars

Photo courtesy of Fourth Corner Quilts, Bellingham, WA

"Scrappy Stars"
Size: 60" x 70"
Pattern: Catch a Scrappy Star Class at Fourth Corner Quilts, taught by Natalie
Completed: January 2005
Made in: Bellingham, WA
Machine pieced and quilted on a Pfaff Hobby 301
This quilt now lives on the back of our couch.
The story: This crazy quilt is yet another product of a wonderful class at Fourth Corner Quilts in Bellingham, WA. When I was choosing the fabric for this project I started with this gorgeous Asian print and tried to find other pieces that matched all the beautiful colors in it. I loved the Asian print so much I used it for the cornerstones as well. I added a double border and backed it with a purple swirl on white. The piecing technique for this was pretty wild. We had 9 fat quarters - 3 light, 3 medium and 3 dark - and we stacked them and cut through all nine layers. Then shuffled the layers and sewed the pieces together. Then made the next cut, shuffled and sewed. And so on until we had made five cuts. It was pretty amazing how it all came out. For the quilting, I just stitched in the ditch around the stars and the sashing and between each border. Here are some additional pics I just took today and some from the last 2 years. You can see how much it has faded from the original photo up top taken in January 2005 (and I look super young, too! Time flies!)

The print I started with.

I know I recognize that Daddy and that quilt, but not so sure about that baby! Can that really be Leif Kalama?

There's the Leif I know! Eating chocolate ice cream on mommy's Scrappy Stars!

And there he is eating, again!


  1. Hi! These quilts are so beautiful! I randomly came across your blog by blog browsing (if there is such a thing?!) I've just moved to Hawaii, about a month ago, and am actually looking for a quilt for my bed. I've noticed you make some for gifts, but just wondering if you sell any of your quilts?

  2. To the Lucky One:
    First of all - Welcome to Hawaii. Hope you are adjusting well. And thank you for the compliment. I haven't sold any of my quilts yet and you may notice that all the gift ones are on the smaller size. Quilts are very expensive to make just in materials (the shabby chic pink and green one was close to $100. And the king size one on our bed was over $200 just in fabric. So basically I don't think I could sell them for what they cost to make. With that said if you are still interested, and we're talking several hundred dollars, drop me an email at patchworkinparadise@yahoo.com

  3. Hey girl!
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, now I know about your blog! I love all the quilts - you are a very busy mommy! You do fantastic work. I simply cannot believe how big Leif is getting. I still think of him as the adorable, chubby little 9-month-old squirt I remember him being. Guess it's time for another one, eh? :-) Thanks again for keeping in touch!