Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Gifts

With the state of things at the moment, I have decided to make gifts as much as possible. We had three birthdays this weekend, so I had a lot of work to do. I made a monster and these cute little gifts for two of our neighborhood friends.

An I Spy Bag for Cailynn's first birthday:
My mom made one for Leif's first Christmas and although he wasn't really into it at the time, he really enjoys playing with it now and it makes it into the chruch bag of quiet toys every week. So, using the one we had as a guide, I made this one for Cailynn. I was able to find enough little things just around the house and had some leftover ladybug flannel and red felt for the front and back. For the plastic windows, I cut the back off a view binder and used that.

A Colored Pencil Pouch for Carissa:
I was able to use fabric and ribbon from my stash and just had to get a pack of pencils. I was going to include a coloring book, but wasn't happy with the selection at the store, so I skipped that. The pockets for the pencils are large enough to accommodate one or two pencils. I also embroidered her name on a piece of yellow felt and attached that to the ribbon, but forgot to take a picture of that before we gave her the gift last night. Oops. But trust me, it looked really cute.

Might Be A Monster....

"Might be a monster..." This is what Leif says whenever I ask if he knows who did something. For example:
Mom: "Leif, do you know who dumped out all these blocks and didn't pick them up?"
Leif: "Might be a monster, mama."

So anyway, this little creature I just made for our friend Belle's first birthday might be a monster. I used a pattern from Revoluzza, which a fellow Honolulu Mommy, Sharon, had shared with me several months ago. I think she turned out pretty cute, but the next ones I make will be a bit bigger I think. And I think she looks a little owl-ish. But that has inspired me to try to make one that is, in fact, an owl.

A little monster tooth.

Brown satin bow and polka dot pants.

And a little heart heart on her bum.