Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So things don't always go according to plan, right? I have spent all of Leif's nap cleaning the house in preparation for a playdate tomorrow. I finished with enough time to get started pinning one of the baby quilts I need to have done by 4/17. Well, I am 3 inches short on backing fabric!!!! 3 stinking inches! I could piece it together, but it's directional so that won't work. I am so frustrated right now. I pulled the two folding tables out to the living room and was all set to get to work and now I can't do anything. I won't have the car all week to go to the fabric store (and with construction right now it will take 15 min. to get there and over an hour to get home no matter when I go!) I have a sewing class on Saturday, I don't shop on Sundays and Monday I have plans in the other direction. So it looks like Tuesday is the soonest I might get over there. Not much time to piece the backing, pin, quilt and bind the thing before next Friday.

Update: Thanks for offering to take me to the fabric store Bethany! Luckily, Cory came to the rescue and stopped on his way to UH on Wednesday. So now I am quilting away. Should be done by Friday. Yay!!!

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  1. Ahh, indeed! 3 inches.... I can drive you over on Thursday if you want... I don't need much persuasion to go to a fabric store.