Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bag of Jelly Beans

Our little friend Lilea just had her first birthday and since I am attempting to make all gifts right now, I decided to make her a bag of Jelly Beans. I got the idea from the Purl Bee and used their tutorial for the beans and the super cute, gussetted drawstring bag.

I thought they turned out great. I also made a second set and instead of a drawstring bag made a little backpack. This set is for our other friend Makaela who is having her 2nd birthday in a few weeks. I have a set to make for Leif as well.

So, I am doing pretty good with all the gift making, for now at least. We have about a million birthdays the next several months, so I am up to my ears in crayon pouches and I Spy Bags. Not to mention the fact that I am preparing a modest inventory for a holiday craft fair next month. Quilting, is that what I do? Oh I forgot. I've been so sidetracked by all the other projects...