Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am a quilter, I am a quilter, I am a quilter. This is my new mantra. I have been so focused on non-quilt projects that I feel I have lost my quilter identity!

No photos this post but I have some updates on what I have been working on:

~Craft Fair projects are DONE! For the past 2 or 3 months I have been working (albeit slowly) on several items for a small Honolulu Mommies Craft Fair. I made 15 Crayon Pouches, 14 I Spy Bags and 12 Trick or Treat Bags. In addition, I cut 200+ pennants for some banners/decorations for the Craft Fair/Halloween Party.

~Birthday Gifts. Yes, I have been true to my goal of making all gifts. This goal was made in August and so far I have made 12 toddler birthday gifts and 1 birthday gift for Cory. Photos of some of them will be up soon. I made: 3 Crayon Pouches, 1 Colored Pencil Pouch, 1 Monster, 1 Bag of Jelly Beans, 1 Backpack of Jelly Beans, 2 Race Tracks, and 3 I Spy Bags. For Cory I made a fabric Accordian Album with photos of him and Leif. It's not quite done, but will be by tomorrow, I hope. I also have 2 Super Hero Capes in the works.

~Not to leave poor Leif boy out, I just finished a Race Track for him and I have a Super Hero Cape in the works and Jelly Bean Bags, too. The cape will be done in a week or two and the Jelly Beans, who knows? It's ok, though, I think he has forgotten about them.

Side note: the race tracks are seriously super cool and I can't wait to post photos. I am over-the-top thrilled with how they turned out. And I just looked at some photos of one, didn't use a real pattern or tutorial. Can you tell I'm pleased with myself?

~I have started early on Christmas this year and have completed one Pa'u (Hawaiian hula skirt) for my niece Sophie and have one more to make for my niece Dorothy.

~ Haven't started it yet, but Leif is insisting on being Kermit the Frog for Halloween. No idea where that came from, but tomorrow I am on the hunt for a green hoody so I can get his costume done by next Wednesday.

So that may give you all a clue as to why I'm not feeling like much of a quilter these days. But, I did finish the stipling on the "Strip Off" quilt I am working on and have started quilting the inner blocks. Cory would be thrilled if I could get that done before I start anything else. But, alas, I have to start on two adorable quilts for my friend Tiffany's two little boys. They are leaving the island in December so I must get cracking. And then there's Christmas gifts to make and since I am expecting another boy in March I will very busy with quilts and such for him.

One quilting related item, though - I did attend a sewing workshop yesterday for Comfort Quilts. These quilts are made for the children of deployed soldiers. The project is sponsored by the YMCA and is all done with donations and volunteers. I really enjoyed myself - hanging out with quilters was super cool, especially since it has been so long - and I hope to make it to all their monthly workshops.

Well, that's about it. I promise to post some photos soon.