Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Koi Little Bag

This is a Monk's Bag I finished last night as a sample for the next mommies sewing project at the end of May. I have posted before about these "classes." They are free and at my house - which gives me an excuse to mop the entire house once a month! It's just a few (6-8) of my mommy friends from Honolulu Mommies who want to learn to sew. We pick a simple project and spend about 4 hours working on it. This will be the most ambitious project our group has tackled and may take two gatherings to complete.
I found this project at The Purl Bee. They have a great tutorial and it was pretty simple to put together. The fabric came from my stash - the Koi is leftover from a table runner I made a few years ago and the blue is leftover from Leif's baby quilt. I did make the straps a bit narrower than the pattern indicated to accomodate my smaller size and used just two fabrics instead of three. I am very pleased with how it turned out and have already started a second one.

A close-up of the blue Koi.

Here you can see the inside lining of the handles.

Here is the interior pocket.

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