Sunday, August 2, 2009

Might Be A Monster....

"Might be a monster..." This is what Leif says whenever I ask if he knows who did something. For example:
Mom: "Leif, do you know who dumped out all these blocks and didn't pick them up?"
Leif: "Might be a monster, mama."

So anyway, this little creature I just made for our friend Belle's first birthday might be a monster. I used a pattern from Revoluzza, which a fellow Honolulu Mommy, Sharon, had shared with me several months ago. I think she turned out pretty cute, but the next ones I make will be a bit bigger I think. And I think she looks a little owl-ish. But that has inspired me to try to make one that is, in fact, an owl.

A little monster tooth.

Brown satin bow and polka dot pants.

And a little heart heart on her bum.

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  1. I'm checking this out on maggie's site. All I want for Christmas is a Monster of my own!!! I love them! Love ya, Mom